Alexa Chung’s Make-up Tip

By Amy Lawrenson

In the December issue of ELLE, on sale today, Liz Matthews - entertainment publicist for Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whitely - shares her insider secrets.

As well as revealing what it takes to be a publicist and what her working wardrobe consists of, she also spills the beans on how Chung manages to look so spritely and flawless after a heavy night. Apparently, it’s all in the lips.

‘A secret I’ve learned from Alexa Chung is to wear red lipstick if you’re feeling tired,’ Matthews told ELLE. ‘The idea is that people look at your lips and not your eyes. I laugh when I see pictures of Alexa wearing red lipstick because I think ‘Ha, someone had a late night’.

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