See The Poses That Could Make Or Break Your Instagram This year

T-Rex, Finger-mouthing, Rap Squat, this list goes on...


Sure, a lot of things can change in a year, but one thing that remains the same is the sense of euphoria we get when we see those likes rolling in on our latest Instagram snap.

Now, well into 2017, we've been 'like, realising stuff' (if you don't get that Kylie Jenner reference, where have you been?) about the most popular Instagram poses to pull this year, and the ones to ditch ASAP.

Lets start off with the all-important selfie. Just like the rest of the dinosaurs, the T-rex has become extinct. So stop holding your floppy hand close to your head. It's bizarre and awkward and most people have given up the ghost.


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Luckily, the transition to the new 'it' selfie pose isn't that much of a stretch. It simply involves resting your index finger on your lip, a pose which has been given the rather unfortunate name of 'fingermouthing'.

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We wrote a whole feature about fingermouthing here.

The good news is, it gives our wrist a bit of a break. The bad news? It makes people want to ask, "you okay hun?"

However, having become a firm favorite with the Kardashian/Jenner clan, it truly is the pose to master this year, so, if you're going go for zeitgeist, this is the place to start, even if ironically.

For some reason, in 2016 we all suddenly decided we were all 'thug' and the 'rap squat' became an Instagram phenomenon. We happily popped a squat near the floor, even though we avoid squats at the gym like running into an ex. Rest assured our 15 minutes of feelin' G are now over.


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Instead, things are getting even more low key: Introducing the 'Insta-sit'.

Standing is now SO last year. It's all about plonking your bum on the floor in the most inconvenient of places. Balancing on the edge of furniture, blocking public stairways or simply chilling in the middle of the road. Risk my life for an Instagram pic? Hell yeah, if it gets over 14 likes!


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When it comes to the perfect 'gram pic, we all have one question, "how much more #candid can we get?" The answer? A lot.

Forget about pretending to drink your cuppa while staring into the distance. In fact, it's more about not being able to see your face at all and adding an element of mystery. Therefore, the 'belfie' or 'behind selfie' is back, so whack out those statement jackets, tight black jeans and get ready to clench your buttocks.

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Finally, whatever you do, do not (we repeat: DO NOT) do the peace sign. Not only is it basic AF, but more importantly it's actually a security risk.

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At the beginning of this year researchers at Japan's National Institute of Informatics revealed that hackers can easily recreate your fingerprints by checking out your latest peace sign pic. Therefore, gaining access to your iPhone, e.g your entire life…

So, 'fingermouthing' isn't sounding like such a bad idea now is it?

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