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Blue Monday Discount Facial



By Sophie Beresiner

fresh dewy skin model

We’re stockpiling chocolate to prepare ourselves for Blue Monday (21st Jan is officially the most depressing day of the year according to a UK psychologist and some very complicated mathematical equation). Introducing the ELLE Beauty Desk Anti-Blues initiative. It’s a more simple equation: Pampering = Happiness.

To start you on your path of cheeriness, Blink Brow Bar is offering readers 10% off their new Rose facial. Its speedy so you can fit it into a lunch break, as relaxing as a half hour nap and such a skin treat your face will glow in defiance to any lingering Monday blues. What’s not happy about all of that?

Make a booking on Monday 21st January or walk into any Blink Brow Bar for a same day service and give the code ELLE_BLINK10 at booking.

Available at select branches nationwide, check for your nearest bar.

ELLE offer price £18 for 20 minutes

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