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Dr Oliver White Smile Launches in Space NK



By Joely Walker

Designed to target your entire smile, rather than just your teeth or gums, this brand new range has brought something different to the world of teeth whitening. Dr Joe Oliver is a leading cosmetic dental surgeon who you might have spotted on Ten Years Younger, and has been taking smiles and giving them a cosmetic revamp for over 20 years. Now he’s brought a less evasive, more affordable treatment, exclusively to Space NK.

Named the ‘age-defying system’ this range is much more than your average whitening toothpaste. With a gum serum, £30, that uses Hyaluronic Acid to naturally make your gums look pinker and therefore, healthier and an Upper Lip Treatment, £30, that smoothes fine lines around the mouth whilst minimizing hair growth, it’s an innovative way of approaching your daily brushing regime.

Now, here’s the product that’s really getting us excited – a tooth whitening system that’s easy to apply and quick enough to use on your morning commute. The Smile Whitening Wands, £45, are a 14 day treatment; the pen applicator looks a little like a lipgloss and has a gentle formula that you literally paint on your teeth and leave on for 30mintes. (Don’t worry about leaving the formula on too long, it naturally wears off after your 30 minute slot).

Available nationwide in Space NK.

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