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Rihanna Stole My Style



by Esperanza De La Fuente

My job that day: Travel to Paris, assist Anne-Marie Curtis on our Rihanna cover shoot for the April Issue. A hard job but somebody had to hang out with the lady herself and help her in and out of outfits all day. I have since become a fan. 

When I'd ask Rihanna to put one of her own River Island designs on she'd respond with things like, "you are so (effing) cute".

'Cute?' I remember thinking; my hair a mess, my jumper full of clips and safety pins  - the uniform of a fashion assistant - and way too tired to feel even slightly cute. But hey, rihanna doesn't tell you that everyday right?

At some point she asked if her hairdresser could take a few pictures of my hair as she really liked it..."I am gonna copy your hair, haha" she said.  And I laughed too.

My surprise in the new year? A degrade effect long haired Rihanna showing up in every picture or paper I pick up, and the only thing I can think about is how proud is my hairdresser gonna be back in Madrid.

Guess which star stole ELLE staffer Hannah Swerling's style...

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Haru Hinoki (Thu, 07 Mar 2013 17:37:44 +0000): you have a NO-haircut I guess :)


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