Red Lipstick Revelation?

By Amy Lawrenson


Ah red lipstick, finding your perfect match is like the holy grail of the beauty world, once you find it you are set for life.

But the road to lipstick nirvana is paved with pitfalls. Many women spend years searching for ‘the one’. Should you go with blue tones or orange? A matte or a satin finish? Sheer or opaque? Then if you do find a potential partner, are you brave enough to take the plunge?

But now Du Wop claim to have created one lipstick, just one red shade, that will suit everyone – Private Red, £18. Hmmm. ‘Unlock your perfect red…’ it says enticingly on the box.


The science behind the claim is that this lipstick adjusts, just like some of the blushers and glosses (Givenchy, Dior, Jemma Kidd) that have been on the market recently, with the pH levels in your lips to give you the most flattering hue for your skin tone.

Well, we won’t advocate something unless we try it, so I and four other ELLE staffers took the plunge just in time for all the Christmas parties.

Here are the results, let us know what you think…

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