The secret to long, thick hair?

By Amy Lawrenson


I'm growing my hair, still recovering from a brush with the pob a while back. Right now, I'm in that killer in-between phase, and I'd give anything to speed up the Rapunzel process. What I really want is model hair. You know the type, all subtle blonde and naturally flowing - more Lily Donaldson (pictured) than Lily Allen.


I was sharing my hair woes with Elena the wife of Neville Tucker, owner of celebrity hair haunt Neville in Belgravia. She has the most incredible long hair I have ever seen. I guess it's to be expected given that she has stylists at her diposal 24/7, but she did share a secret with me that we can all try: Biotin capsules. Elena swears by them - apparently they strenghten the hair. Less breakage = longer hair, faster. I'm going to give them a try and report back later - is anyone with me?

Biotin Capsules, £6.99 for 100 tablets, by Holland & Barratt

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