Do the twist – easy wedding hair idea

My sister was bridesmaid at a wedding on Saturday and had to do her own hair (the bride is wonderfully low-maintenance – by the time she got round to thinking about hair and make-up, all the local stylists were booked up).


So the week beforehand, she got her hairdresser to show her how to create easy, DIY waves in her straight, shoulder-length hair. What he came up with was brilliant: work some thickening spray from roots to tips and rough dry hair at the crown to give some lift. Then divide your hair into two sections. Twist each section tightly and hold in place as you blast it dry. Once the two twists are completely dry (give it plenty of time as it does take a while for the thick twists to dry through), leave them in place while they cool (about 10 minutes). Loosen the twists, use your fingers to separate, et voila – wedding-worthy waves.

We haven’t got the photos back yet, but honestly, it looked great.

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