The new Benefit Fake Bake spray tan is a hit with ELLE, just don’t go out in the rain…

If you’re feeling optimistic about the weekend and the possibility of some seasonal, sunny weather, then you’re probably also thinking about applying a little fake tan.


ELLEuk’s fashion editor, Laurelle Gilbert, reviews the new Benefit, Fake Bake spray tan, read her review here…

I am a tan-phobic. I don’t sunbathe, I don’t know where to start applying fake tan and I’ve only ever had a spray tan (which was a disaster) once in my whole life. But, when Amy, our  beauty web assistant, tells me about Benefit’s new Fake Bake spray tan 12 hours before I’m due to board a flight to St Tropez, I decide to speedily book myself in at their Covent Garden store.


A few hours later I’m standing in the spray booth wearing nothing more than a paper thong and polystyrene slippers. I’m extremely nervous about turning orange (this is what happened last time I signed up for a spray tan), but my Benefit beauty therapist reassuringly explains to me that Fake Bake can’t turn you orange, it can only turn you the colour you would naturally go by sunbathing, because it works with your skin’s own melatonin levels. It’s disaster-proof.


In a super fast 10 minutes I am transformed, by which I mean heavily bronzed. In fact I’m almost mahogany. But again I am reassured that this initial colour this will wash off.

I must go home (bra less, so as not to create strap marks), sleep in the spray and then have a shower in the morning. But as I step outside, the heavens open and I despair as I watch tan running and streaking down the back of my legs. After running back into the store, the lovely Benefit team (yes all of them!) begin gently patting my patches with a mitt and re touching with spray.

I’m ready to leave again, and go via the office to grab a much needed pac-a-mac, but the rain is torrential and by the time I arrive at home I look like a melted chocolate ice cream. Anxious that the tan will ‘set’ like this I jump straight in to the shower and rinse my fake tan off after just 3 hours, instead of the instructed overnight bake. I am cursing the British weather as I board my plane.

To my surprise, when I arrive in France, I see I am a lovely shade of sun-kissed brown and the speedy spray tan worked anyway. There is just one small problem. The string mark from the paper thong I wore to be sprayed is way too high on my back and will definitely show above my bikini bottoms. Never mind – I don’t care, I’m golden brown and totally converted to spray tanning. My only advice would be to be brave and go knicker less for the spray if you intend to wear a bikini. And, of course, never spray tan in the rain.

Full Body Spray Tan, £25, Half Body Spray Tan £15, Face Spray Tan, £10.

To try the tan for yourself click here to find out your nearest Benefit Boutique

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