How do you solve the summer hair removal dilemma?

I hate the way my hair removal cycles are disrupted come summer.


The warm weather means I can no longer sit it out in woolly tights between waxes, but I can’t bear to compromise all that hair-thinning action that years of dedicated root-ripping has earned me by breaking out the razor. Which is where electrical epilators come in. You can yank hair out yourself when your favourite therapist can’t – or when you get an annoying patch that doesn’t merit an appointment to the salon.


This year, Veet, the people best known for depilatory creams, have ventured in to electrical territory and launched their first epilator. Once our testers had got over those first painful pulls as the hair is tugged out by lots of rapidly rotating blades, they loved the smooth outcome. Click here for the full story , or find out first hand by emailing us at by 24 June – the first five emailers will be sent their very own Veet epilator for free.

In the meantime, you might be interested to know that a recent ELLE poll revealed 68 per cent of you prefer shaving to any other form of hair removal. For all of you, I can’t recommend enough Keihl’s Simply Mahvellous Close Shaverettes Shaving Cream. Ever since my boyfriend tried it, he’s refused to use anything else – and he’s one of the fussiest shavers I know. Anything mildly drying or uncomfortable doesn’t get a second chance.

Most recently, though, I’ve been hearing amazing things about laser treatment (i.e. it works), and have decided that come October, when any tan or chance of a tan has faded, I’ll be braving the stinging sensation (it feels like elastic bands being flicked against your skin, is how most people describe it) and making hair removal dilemmas a thing of the past.

Roll on next summer.

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