Why you need to start planning a summer hair-care regime

If you’ve been reading our trend updates, you’ll know: the new season’s hair is textured and tousled, but still glossy and in great condition (think Drew Barrymore at the Grey Gardens premiere in LA where her teased hair still looked healthy.)


Which all means that before you start adding texture, you need to start treating your locks to hair masks and treatments to get it into tip top condition.

Most experts I’ve spoken to agree a nourishing mask applied once a week at home is enough to coax hair into good condition (though very dry, thick hair will drink up a lot more), but I’m a great believer in kick-starting any regime with a salon appointment. In this case, there’s nothing like having just-stepped-out-of-a-salon hair in the first place to make you want to keep it that way.

With more and more salons offering high-tech conditioning treatments, we kicked off our research at the Paul Edmonds Salon in London’s Knightsbridge where Beauty Intern Suzanne Scott had the Ultimate Protein Rejuvenate Treatment.

‘I arrive at the salon and am told: the worse the condition of your hair, the better the results, which is good news for me. I’ve just come back from a three-week road trip across California and all that hot sun and motel swimming pools have left my long hair – normally respectably soft and shiny – coarse and dull.

The treatment starts with a clarifying shampoo to remove every last bit of product (and chlorine) that might be lingering in my hair, then a protein solution, containing plant resin, vegetable proteins and essential oils, is painted on, roots to tips. I’m left to ‘bake’ under a drier, which I find slightly at odds with the conditioning element of this treatment – isn’t heat supposed to make things worse?

No, the heat apparently drives the product in to the hair shaft and makes it stay there. I’m used to heat being used in face and body treatments to help deliver product deeper in to the skin, so buy the theory and while away 15 minutes under the drier with a copy of, er. Heat.

My hair feels crispy afterwards but not for long – a second wash, this time with a pH-balancing shampoo, followed by a big-bouncy blow dry restores my hair to what I’d imagined it should look like after being Rejuvenated with Proteins and I leave the salon with soft, bouncy hair that I keep having to stop to look at in shop windows.

The proof of any hair treatment is always after your first post-treatment shampoo. I washed mine two days later and my hair still felt soft and looked smooth. To the touch, the results lasted another couple of weeks and one month later, it’s still not as frizzy as it was.

The salon recommends having this treatment every 8 weeks, but at £60 a go, that’s a big commitment. As a kick-start, though, it’s great.’

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