Chanel. Chan-el. Just saying it feels like luxury...

...That must be why I’m happy to be seduced by anything from this covetable brand, including its latest ad.


The new film ad for Chanel’s iconic fragrance No.5 uses the same formula as the Nicole Kidman-Baz Luhrman one shot five years ago, but this time it reunites Amelie’s Audrey Tatou with its director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

The shoot has less glamour than the first, but it’s still every bit as glossy and luxurious as you’d expect. In fact, the colours, cinematography and attention all amount to a series of images that are very, very pretty, indeed.


Jeunet, who’s normally given a week to shoot a TV ad, was allowed three to create this perfect little piece of Chanel history – and an unusually generous budget: ‘Even in the world of advertising, it can be said that the house of Chanel works in an unparalleled level of comfort, which allows you to go to the absolute limits,’ he said afterwards.

Another love story, this one takes place on the Orient Express in Istanbul and alludes more to the history of Chanel and its founder Gabrielle – aka Coco – than the first one. (For a start, I don’t think Coco Chanel ever uttered the words, ‘I’m a dancer, I love to dance,’ though she did sport sailor-style trousers like the ones Audrey does here.) And of course it’s precisely the heritage of the brand that makes everything it does so alluring.

In an exclusive interview given to mark the release of the film, Audrey said ‘I had the impression of taking part in the history of this perfume… It’s so amazing that a perfume has marked all these decades and that it remains so mysterious and so present.’

The film ad will be shown on the internet from 5th May, 88 years to the day after it was first introduced and in keeping with the superstitious spirit of Coco Chanel who considered five to be her lucky number. (I think we’d all agree, it definitely was.) But treat yourself to a sneak preview today by visiting

PS. Just in case you were wondering, the incredible pink dress Nicole Kidman wore in the first No.5 film ad is in an archive in Paris and available for her to wear whenever she likes, according to our industry source. Lucky girl.

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