Trial A Trend - Wednesday Addams

Perfect timing to Trial A Wednesday Addams Trend


by Sophie Beresiner


I saw this one back in AW13 presentations and I wondered if it would catch on then, and look! It's AW13 and both MAC and Topshop Makeup have launched a dead flat matte black lip colour. Seems someone thinks it could catch on. The MAC version, Hautecore, has been skulking in my makeup bag, waiting for the day I'm brave enough to wear it, so 31st October seems as good a time as any. (Or the only time, ever?).


First things first, this is not an easy colour to apply, let alone pull off. I layer it over my MAC Mahogany Lip Pencil, which is about as dark as I dare in real life. It is very matte, so very dry, and any hint of imperfection is blatant. This is the problem with dark lip colour. Nevertheless I keep telling myself 'confidence is key', so I walk confidently into the #ELLEfashioncupboard. I'm wearing a decidedly cute jumper and leather circle skirt, so I'm going for punky elegance rather than Trick or Treat.

Donna Wallace: 'Oh! erm... *raises eyebrow*. Nice jumper!' I understand what this implies.

Kirsty Dale; (Frowning). (Still frowning). (Comes closer while trying to think of something nice to say); 'well, I can't think of anything nice to say.'

My suspicions were correct. Very very few people should wear black lipstick. I would say if your name isn't Rihanna, or it's not the 31st October, maybe best to dilute the effect with a very bright red over the top. i.e. make it something other than flat black. On the plus side I am making the extra effort to get into the Halloween spirit without having to don cat ears or faux blood. A multi-tasking #TrialATrend.

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