Microdermabrasion Facials

Micro-dermabrasion involves intense exfoliation that sloughs and buffs away several layers of dead skin to reveal fresher, brighter looking skin without the need for a chemical peel.

Hailing from Hollywood the treatment is now widely available in the U.K and promises to deliver a radiant new complexion as well as reducing lines and wrinkles.

Some therapists perform these facials with intensive scrubs much like face scrubs used at home, but others use a micro dermabrasion machine which uses a vacuum pump to buff and polish the face with extra fine exfoliating beads (rather like sanding a floor!). These are intense, results focused treatments, rather than being relaxing. Afterwards skin will be radiant and visibly smoother and brighter, but in some cases you may experience a post treatment break-out and depending on the intensity of the buffing used, can expect to feel sore for a while.
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