Put in the diary: laser hair removal

Be that smug, smooth-limbed girl next summer


By Fiona McKim

Typical! It takes the sun to shine before we think about hair removal by which time it’s too late to reap the benefit of long-lasting results of laser or course of waxing that will leave you with fewer hairs. Hmph. Now all we can do is last-minute waxing or faff about with daily shaving. We’re bringing this up now because as we have your attention and you’re thinking about bare legs, put in your diary (around October time) to start a course of hair removal because we bet you will have forgotten (or be ignoring it) come the tights-wearing months.


So why can’t you laser in summer? Well, if you have tanned skin it’s possible you could end up with burns or discoloured skin – you see laser works by picking up the dark hair follicle and damaging it so doesn’t grow back as easily. If you have tanned skin it could pick up on that also… Ouch.
In-salon laser hair removal can be pricey but the new Tria 4X is our pick of the at-home devices, especially if you’re a nervous. You see, before you can aim and fire, you have to phone up for a consultation to unlock the device. Their experts analyse your skin and hair type and advise you on how to use the device safely. And if it’s unsuitable, you can return it.
So, fancy being the smug smooth-limbed type next summer? Sign up for a Tria 4X. It comes in four limited edition shades – Peony, Lilac, Turquoise and Graphite. We can’t promise it will take the sting out of laser, but at least it’ll look pretty while you’re at it.
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