BB, CC and now DD Creams

The differences explained, plus where will it end?


By Amy Lawrenson

It's all a bit confusing, so for any of you unsure what the difference is between BB and CC creams, here is a simple explanation.


BB creams, otherwise known as Blemish Balms, are basically tinted moisturisers with added skincare benefits and sun protection.


CC creams are the next generation. The CC stands for Colour Correcting and these products address issued like redness and dull complexions.

Now it looks like DD creams could be on their way (I know, I know). And yes, I do feel like I could be on some strange beauty-themed Sesame Street right now...

Last year senior global beauty & personal care analyst Vivienne Rudd told that these will be marketed 'as Daily Defence products... very heavy duty body and feet creams'.

Here at ELLE we're hoping they will be similar to BB creams in that they will offer skin finishing, as well as skincare benefits for the body - ideal for people who don't want to tan, but want the skin on their body to look flawless. But, beauty brand Julep has put a spanner in the works by announcing the launch of a DD cream for face called 'Dynamic Do-All' - a combination of the skincare benefits of a BB cream (but with more coverage) as well as the Colour Correcting power of a CC cream. Not exactly the product Rudd had predicted.

So where will this alphabet beauty trend end? Because we definitely can't think of anything catchy for ZZ cream.

UPDATE: A colleague just said perhaps DD cream should be for our busts...?

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