Beauty Hack: Fix Your Broken Make-Up In Seconds

​And it only requires one product

Is there any pain greater than dropping your favourite make-up powder and opening the compact to find it smashed into a gazillion pieces of nothing? 

Thanks to a nifty beauty hack, though, this mournful moment has a great resolution.

According to the below video, it only takes a few seconds to bring your product back to life with, ironically enough, alcohol (which might have been the source of your clumsiness in the first place).

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Just pour a tiny amount of neat vodka or ethanol into the powder until it's absorbed, watch it form into a paste like magic, and then mould it into shape.

While we're slightly angered that we've spent years tossing blushers, bronzers, foundations and eyeshadows into the bin for no good reason, we're far more appreciative that it's now a thing of the past.


Do you have any beauty hacks? Share those ideas over at @ELLEUK

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