Illamasqua's Textured Trends

Hot new nail polish, plus a party eye look to try

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By Amy Lawrenson

Illamasqua is always pushing the boundaries when it comes to make-up and why not? The idea of beauty is to play - a bright lippie here, a glitter liner there. For spring/summer its new collection is all about exploring the beauty in imperfection (it's called I'mperfection, clever huh?), which unless you were born a Victoria's Secret model is well worth celebrating. In the model shots for the collection those imperfections, not usually found in beauty campaigns, like freckles, moles, birth marks and uneven teeth are in fact played up.

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But onto the products - it's all about texture when it comes to the new nail varnishes. They look like Cadbury Mini Eggs, all pastel colours and mottled finish. The speckles come from different sized matte glitters shot through the creamy pastel hues giving you a nail art look with just a coat of polish, easy! Rita Ora's nail artist Rebecca Wilson painted my nails with Mottle at the press day but there are five shades to choose from, £14.50 each.

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Make-up artist extraordinaire Alex Box also gave me a monochrome, textured, speckled, eyeliner look (also seen in the brand's campaign visuals) which fitted in perfectly with our ELLE Wears Monochrome shoot! You simply apply Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss (black), £17, along the lash line as you would if you were creating a retro eye, then use the black to fleck around the liner. Add to this flecks and dots of Precision Ink in Scribe (white), £17, and you have yourself a new take on a party eye.

What do you think? Will you be trying either of these not so perfect, but oh-so-beautiful looks?

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