First Day office Make Up

Perfect First Day Office Make Up

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By Sophie Beresiner

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First Day Office Make Up

Huge outfit dilemma aside (my first day of this job coincided with the ELLE Christmas Party), at least I can be pretty confident in my make up choices. Certain rules apply to certain occasions where your face is concerned and in the same way I didn't want to crack out the fluro Louboutins to over-impress on my first day, a bright lip or smoky eye is too much statement too. My philosophy? Stick to that no-effort effort that requires you to set the alarm half an hour earlier, but doesn't let on you tried too hard.

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New Girl Staples:

Smashbox Brow Tech To Go in Taupe, £19

Power brows do the multi-tasking but subtle jobs of making you look tidy, grown up and, well, powerful. Make a higher arch by concentrating on the top line of your natural brow.

Ellis Faas Mascara, £20

Opening up your eyes will make you look alert and friendly. The white liner trick is a little too perky for day one, but the perfect curling mascara will do the job without anyone realising.

Duwop Blush Booster in Pomegranate, £19

A warmly glowing, ever-so-slightly dewy flush says 'I will not be needing sick days any time soon.' Norovirus permitting…

Crème De La Mer Concealer in Light, £45

I had some trouble sleeping the night before my first day - a combination of jetlag and anticipation - and this is the only creamy concealer I've found that covers any degree of eye bag without looking odd in the office security card photoflash.

Mac Lipstick in Please Me, £11

Loud lipstick is too much; the 3pm fallout (wandering residue that resembles 1980's lipliner) is not the best look to affirm your simple-chic office status. But a subtle colour that you can reapply without a mirror will warm your complexion, plus a bit of pink makes you approachable too.