Revlon celebrates 80th birthday

Party at the London Film Museum

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By Joely Walker

ELLE joined the Revlon team last night for the glamorous opening of the Enamoured: 80 years of Revlon exhibition at the London Film Museum in London's Covent Garden. The exhibition celebrates the company and its creations, showcasing their history through facts, iconic figures and artistic interpretations that pay homage to the brand.

Among the exhibits are lips made out of lipsticks:

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And nail art by Revlon’s UK Nail Ambassador, Jenny Longworth:

The exhibition will run from 30 November to 2 December and is now open to the public.

Adelaide Sharples, Revlon Marketing Director, said, ‘Revlon are delighted to be celebrating this milestone anniversary with such an amazing event… We are proud of Revlon’s heritage and look forward to bringing innovation alive for years to come.'

We wonder what they have in store for their 100th birthday?

Click here to see Jenny Longworth’s nail art step-by-step...

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