Scented Temporary Tattoos Are The Wild Flower Festival Adornment We're Into

The most whimsical wildflower tattoos that only last 24hrs and make you smell like a meadow...

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Fancy a water colour flower tattoo without the life commitment and smelling like a meadow at the same time? Well, you're in luck.

*squeals with excitement*

The most Pinned beauty trend right now (searches are up 450% on last year), scented temporary tattoos are officially our new obsession.

Conjured up by temporary tattoo brand Tattly, the impressively detailed range features super beautiful water colour designs by French artist Vincent Jeannerot in every bloom you can imagine.


And yes, they're scented. Like the chicest scratch and sniff you ever did see. Try the Bouquet Garni set for tattoos that smell like their Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme water colour counterparts.

Sage and Thyme, so divine. Such beauty in this shot by @hungryhipsters of our scented herbs by @vincentjeannerot. #regram

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Feeling something a little more floral? Go for the Perennial set, scented with notes of dewy fuchsia petals, pink poppies, ylang ylang and poplar wood. Hey, why spray your perfume when you can wear it?

Printed with vegetable-based ink and lasting between two and four days, they're the commitment-free tattoo that's vegan-friendly too. YAS.

The best bit? They're completely waterproof, which means we just gained a new good old English weather-proof Summer festival accessory.

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