Meadham Kirchoff in Wonderland

Swarovski crystals, electric blue dots and bouncy curls...

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By Joely Walker

The wonderfully wacky world of Meadham Kirchoff always grabs EBT’s attention. Colourful, eccentric and always fun.

MAC make-up artist, Florrie White, took us on a little journey back in time to the French renaissance period (with a Meadham Kirchoff twist, of course).

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The skin was made to look translucent and matte and the shadows beneath the model’s eyes (after countless sleepless nights) were left uncovered to echo the sadness behind the eyes of the paintings (bags on trend? Hooray). Flushed cheeks were achieved by mixing two MAC lipsticks, So Chaud and Vegas Volt, to give a vintage, yet angelic, look. Bushy brows (using MAC Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Copper Stone), no mascara, and an electric blue dot underneath each eye, made this look stand out. The icing on the cake? Little Swarovski diamantes randomly dotted all over the face. Cute.

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Over on the wacky world of hair, James Pecis, created a cherub-style do. To do this James braided the hair down and sewed the plaits together before curling the loose ends of the hair in sections to make short, bouncy, ‘wigs’. Fudge Sky Scraper Hair Spray kept this look firmly in place whilst Fudge Matte Hed Gas spray on wax gave the hair a dry and workable texture.

Fancy a second helping of icing? Swarovski embellished nails by Zoe Pocock for Nail Rock. Each one handmade to match the brightly coloured outfits.

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