The Geek Chic Tan via Route 66

Summer’s new body muse

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By Bella Blissett
By the time we’d heard the word “freckle” slip from the experts' lips three times in one day, we knew we’d well, “spotted” a trend. Already seen beating a path across the bridge of noses at Kinder and Holly Fulton, the freckle made its way southwards at House of Holland.
It was exercise books to the ready as St Tropez Global Skin Finishing Expert, Nichola Joss sprayed up a geeky, grungy Californian girl who wanted a bit of a sunshine state glow – without looking like she’d tried too hard.
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Beginning with a skin-correcting base of St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mist to create “an undercurrent of colour,” Joss played Jackson Pollock with a paintbrush. Decanting the Self Tan Dark Bronzing Spray into a small pot, she used a large acrylic paintbrush to flick the liquid at the skin, creating a smattering of cheeky freckles over the shoulders.
As a few more precise sunspots were added with a fine eyeliner brush, flawless skin faded into the shadows and the new preppy glow basked in the spring summer 13 top tanning spot.

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