First look at new Marni fragrance

Will be released in February

Fans of Italian label Marni – and there are a lot of them, judging by the super-successful H&M range in March this year – will be pleased to hear today’s news: they are launching a fragrance.

It’s a first for Marni, who are partnering with a division of Estée Lauder to put the scent together. Marni creative director Consuelo Castiglioni said of the upcoming launch, 'It's for a woman who dresses for herself, who doesn't follow trends but is sophisticated and also maybe a little eccentric.'

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Consuelo’s unconventional design sensibilities also extend to the bottle, which is based on one she discovered in a flea market.

The designer described it as; ‘kind of traditional. That is, one that lasts over time, like the clothes we make, which last and you can still wear two or three years from now. It isn’t seasonal. I think this bottle reflects our concept — you want to keep it.’

And, crucially for Marni lovers, it features polka dots, which, as Consuelo puts it, ‘Are part of our world.'

Watch a video of Marni Spring Summer 2013 here

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