Blush Rush

Find the right blush for your skin tone (it will work wonders)


By Amy Lawrenson

I was on the tube this morning and spotted a fellow traveller with the loveliest pink blush subtly radiating from beneath her sunkissed complexion. Blusher is such an important part of your make-up regime as it can instantly make you look brighter and healthier.


Bobbi Brown says 'Go for the natural look, the one that says, "Ive had a great night's sleep and taken a fresh morning walk on a beautiful sunny beach." To replicate that healthy glow, check out the colour of your cheeks right after a good workout. That's the blush you're looking for.'


According to Bobbi you should follow these rules of thumb for the perfect skin tone/blush hook-up:

Very Pale: Soft Pastels without any brown tones, which would make skin look dirty
Light: Pale pink tones
Medium: Sandy pink to tawny tones
Yellow or olive: Rose or deep pink tones
Dark or black: soft plum or deep cranberry tones

Now of course there are other blush shades out there - corals, violets and shocking pinks which are all great fashion colours and shouldn't be ignored if you want a particular 'look'; sometimes natural just doesn't cut it. Also, as with most make-up finding your perfect partner is a case of trial and error and rules are there to be broken - I wear Guerlain's Spicy Coral blush (pictured below) sometimes even though it's for brunettes and I'm a pale-skinned red head.

I suggest you head to your local beauty department this weekend and have a play - blusher really can work wonders. Let me know how you get on, or if you have any favourite blushers already feel free to share them - along with your skin tone - in the comment box below...

Here's my pick of the best, I've arranged them from blushes for pale skintones at the top through to dark skintones at the bottom of the picture.

Clockwise from top left: Liz Earle Healthy Glow powder Blush in Blossom, £16.50; RMK Sheer Powder Cheeks in Rose, £26; Miners Blusher Brick in Pinks, £4.49; MAC Powder Blush in Modern Mandarin, £17.50; Une Breezy Cheeks Blush in B23, £8.99; New Cid i-blossom in Tulip, £18.50; MAC Casual Colour in Evening stroll, £17.50 (out June); Stila Convertible Color in Camelia, £16; Paul & Joe 'A Mid Summers Night' Blush in 003 Faune, £15; bareMinerals Ready Blush in The Confession, £22; Marks & Spencer Limited Collection Blusher in Melba Blush, £4; Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel in Rosy, £12.50; Guerlain Terracotta Blush in Spicy Coral, £26.

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