Flower Power

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By Georgia Collins

Last week a pot of canary yellow exfoliating crystals landed on my desk from British beauty brand Peony. Being a big fan of non-abrasive exfoliators (an essential part of my weekly clear-skin regime) I was keen to put them to the test and I have to say wasn't disappointed (plus nothing thrills me more than the idea of mixing my own skincare concoctions). Packed with uplifting lavender and juniper essential oils, the main contingent of this little powerhouse scrub is of course, white peony extract which is known for its healing and illuminating properties. Coupled with its exfoliating benefits (better skin renewal and turnover and reduced pore size) it's my new favourite staple. Just mix a teaspoon of the crystals with your usual cleanser, once or twice a week, mix between your fingers and apply in gentle circular motions.


Peony Gold Juniper Exfoliating Crystals, £19

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