Halo hair extensions: the low-down

By Amy Lawrenson


Thanks to the likes of the Kardashians and to some extent (although I hate to admit it) TOWIE, hair extensions have a certain allure about them right now. If, like me, you find bonded or wefted hair extensions too much commitment or let's face it too pricey and clip-ins like a puzzle, then the ingenious halo is for you. A strip of hair is attached to a one-size-fits-all loop of super fine nylon wire. You simply place the loop on your head snugly, then using a pin tail comb pull sections of you hair up and over the wire to conceal it. No glue or grips required! There are two brands, to my knowledge, that offer these types of extensions - Halo Hair Extensions and Windle & Moodie. But which is best? I put them both to the test...



Halo Hair Extensions, from £79.99 (halohairextensions.com)

No. of shades: 17, from jet black to bleach blonde.

Lengths: 16 or 20 inches.

Type of hair: Remy human hair.

Heat Styling? Yes, you can treat this hair just as you would your own.

Suitable for thick hair? Fine hair could get away with one halo, I needed two in my thicker hair.

Needs cutting? Unless you already have long hair and need the Halo for volume, you'll need it cut to add just the right amount of length, otherwise it will look too fake.

Extras: Halo Hair Extensions are available online, but a team can colour match your extensions if you send a current picture, plus they offer exchanges if you do choose the wrong shade.

Windle & Moodie's Speed Wefts, from £40 (windleandmoodie.com)

No. of shades: 8

Lengths: 18 inches

Type of hair: Non-human hair, ideal if you're not keen on the idea of someone else’s locks adorning your own.

Heat styling? The hair looks and behaves just like human hair - you can even use heated tools up to 170c on them.

Suitable for thick hair? The Single Row Speed Weft, £40, has five rows of hair stitched into one and will work for fine hair as well as being suitable for my thick hair. The Double Row, £50, has an extra three rows of hair stitched together that adds three inches to the length - great if you want Kardashian-like volume and length.

Needs cutting? On my mid-length hair it definitely needed cutting and styling.

Extras: You can buy online, but the wefts are also available in store so you can be colour matched in person, as well as getting it cut and styled to suit your hair.

Which will you choose?

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