S.O.H (Save Our Hair)

By Olivia Cox



The dastardly laws of English weather have well and truly wreaked havoc with my high maintenance hair. It seems that recent the on-off smattering of sunshine is well and truly off... for now. Such weather irresponsibility can mean only one thing: hair-mare. The jury’s still out as to whether it will be the drizzle or the damp that causes most trouble, so thank the (hopefully dry) heavens for Bumble & Bumble. Their multi-tasking Shine On (and on..) Finishing Spray controls flyaways to help stave off serious bouts of frizz-induced hibernation, whilst a mixture of emollients and lipids add moisture to smooth and soothe stressed-out tresses. A lightweight, non-greasy silicone formula that promises to get some shine back onto even the dingiest horizon? This is one game that will not get called on account of rain... £20, available at Space NK.

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