Get whiter teeth, fast!

By Amy Lawrenson


While Georgia has been getting her teeth straightened, I’ve been addressing the colour of mine. When you’re as addicted to coffee as I am, super white teeth are tricky to maintain, which is why I called on industry expert Dr Wyman Chan at Smile Studio London. He doesn’t just whiten teeth; he invents the systems that whiten teeth, so my not-so-pearly-whites were in good hands.


There are two ways you can get white teeth with Dr Chan. The priciest option is to visit the clinic for three appointments. On each visit a gel is applied to your teeth and a heat lamp is placed over them to drive the gel deep into the tooth. To save you from boredom (it takes around an hour) the clinic has snazzy DVD glasses which work as a good distraction! After, you receive a Get2Smile kit to boost results at home, which brings me on to the second option.You can just order the kit– which includes gel, mouth guard and heat lamp. It will take you longer but you’ll get good results in the end.


The treatment was pain free and I had only the faintest hint of sensitivity, Dr Chan assures me even those with the most sensitive teeth can use his system. My teeth look much whiter after just one treatment and by having the kit at home I can top-up whenever my teeth need a boost. And the coffee? When I asked Dr Chan if I needed to give it up, he said no - result!

£1000 for three chair side sessions, £600 for two, £350 for one (all include a Get2Smile kit to take home). £245 for Get2Smile only. Enq: 020 7439 0888 /

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