The Dental Diaries Part III

By Georgia Collins



So I’m seven weeks in to my Invisalign treatment and on my fourth set of retainers and it’s so far so good. There’s still the initial discomfort when I put in a new one (every two weeks) but it soon subsides and I’ve think I’ve just about got in to the routine of incorporating them into my everyday life. I say just about, because despite what you might think it isn’t that easy and as I have noticed, slip ups can happen. Take for example the other evening, I wanted a glass of wine before dinner so took my retainers out (tannins in red wine can stain so it’s best to remove them). One glass turned into two and then it was dinner time so there was no point putting them back in. After that I fancied a cup of tea so kept them out until bedtime when I finally brushed my teeth and slotted them back in. Although it might not seem like much, that little interim of time was nearly four hours, not ideal when being strict with how often you wear your retainers is part and parcel of getting straighter teeth. So after a little self-administered telling off I made a vow to be much better. It might mean forgoing the occasional glass of red wine here and there but it’s going to be totally worth it.

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