By Georgia Collins

So I’m two weeks into my Invisalign treatment and I thought I would share some of my observations.

I am eating much less than I used to. Not out of choice I hasten to add but because I can’t be bothered to keep taking my retainers out. Whereas before you’d find me snacking all day every day, these days I’m a strict breakfast, lunch and dinner girl. The same goes for drinking tea as you have to remove them when you drink hot drinks, so it’s water all the way for me now. So there’s an added bonus (as if straighter teeth weren’t enough of an incentive), I might actually shift a few pounds in the process.


It’s not as painful as I thought. In fact it’s not really painful at all. My lovely dentist Dr Adam Thorne likened it to wearing ski boots – for the first few days it’s more uncomfortable than painful, but you soon get used to it. A couple of mouth ulcers where the plastic rubs against my gums are about the only thing I have had to contend with and they soon disappeared.

Using your teeth again when do you break for meals is a strange sensation. It’s like learning to use them all over again and biting down on bone feels odd. A minor thing though and one you soon get used to.


Anyway back to today quickly. Today I have had some adjusters put on to some of my teeth. They look like small clear 3D triangles and allow individual teeth that need moving around and into alignment, to do so. My new retainer fits around them as the ones that follow will too. Although they feel huge in my mouth and I can’t stop running my tongue over them, they are to anyone else barely noticeable. I’ll let you know how I get on...

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