The Dental Diaries

By Georgia Collins



Today is a momentous day for me. After years of hating my teeth, today is the day I finally started treatment to change them. A little back story first though. My teeth have always been my bugbear. Whilst they are certainly not of Ken Dodd proportions, they have always been wonky and too pushed forward. Essentially or so I’ve been told, they are too narrow for my mouth meaning they protrude more than is normal and as well as this, there are irregular gaps where there shouldn’t be. Put it this way, I should have had fixed braces when I was younger but for some reason my dentist at the time didn’t think it necessary. As a result I have felt hugely self-conscious ever since and spent my adult life coming up with ways of talking and smiling without having to show too much of my teeth. Not ideal when you’re in my job and when you are as much of a chatterbox as I am.

So back to today. After months of consultations with various dentists I have begun my Invisalign treatment to realign and straighten my teeth. My other two options were fixed braces (sorry to say but aged 28 I am too vain) or porcelain veneers (too expensive, too permanent and therefore a little too scary), but Invisalign seemed a safe, relatively easy and suitably subtle solution to my problem. So what is it? Well in a nutshell it’s a series of clear retainers fitted to sit right around my teeth (moulds are taken first). These retainers are then changed every two weeks – tiny, almost imperceptible changes but ones that will force my teeth into a new shape and position in my mouth. Treatment can last anywhere from a few months upwards depending on the amount of work needed and they’re meant to be worn all day bar eating, drinking and teeth cleaning. So far (four hours in) they haven’t drawn gasps or stares and the lisping is there but it's not particularly noticeable. My dentist, the lovely and charming Dr Adam Thorne at the Harley Street Dental Studio assures me that after a little initial discomfort and said lisping, I will get used to them in no time. To be honest, I’m more than happy to put up with a little soreness if it means I will finally feel confident enough to smile with my teeth. Watch this space for more updates as the treatment continues...

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