Happy feet

By Georgia Collins




This morning I paid a visit to the lovely David Barton at London’s Percy & Reed salon. I hate to admit it as a beauty editor, but my feet were in a bad state after a Christmas holiday of being shoved into wellington boots and neglected in favour of having more important things to do (ie. eating turkey sandwiches and chocolate). So it was with a sheepish grin that I revealed my feet to poor David, but ever the professional, he got on with the job in hand and shock horror, managed to make my feet look not only passable but also rather gorgeous. Using a veritable buffet of Creative Nail Design products to whip them into shape (the mineral clay mask was especially good) he finished off with a lick of Shellac polish in a new wine-red shade called Decadence. An hour later I hopped off to work with my shiny toes twinkling and a big smile on my face. The perfect start to the weekend.

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