Saving (my) Face

By Georgia Collins


Despite all the glamour of this month’s various fashion weeks there is one adverse effect to all the travelling, differing time zones, late nights and early starts: my skin is quite frankly, looking rubbish. Never before has it been so dull or lifeless. I have spots where I have never had them before yet it is visibly dehydrated in places, my under-eye circles are huge and I’ve well and truly lost my glow. Step forward the brilliant Jo at Liz Earle. An hour and a half of her facial wizardry and my skin has got its mojo back. My skin is clearer and more even, spots have vanished and my cheeks are plumped and pillowy. Thrown in for extra relaxing measure were an arm and hand massage and a scalp rub, heaven is not the word. Never mind if you haven’t had fashion week to contend with, if your skin is in anyway lacking I suggest you get an appointment as soon as you can.


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