The big eye cream debate

By Amy Lawrenson and Melissa Dick


The subject of eye cream is an ongoing debate in the office. Some ELLE staffers swear by these little pots of cream for dark circle-free eyes; others snort at the mere mention of an under eye product and think them ineffective and a waste of time and money.

But one little product has led to the most cynical amongst us being converted. When Rodial Glamtox Eye Light spf 15 landed on my desk I sent it in the direction of our new-to-motherhood, sleep depraved Editorial Director, Melissa Dick. Being the biggest disbeliever of eye creams in the team, she took some coaxing to give it a try, and six months later has declared this miracle in a bottle her ‘can’t live without’ beauty buy.


"I love it because it works. I used it without knowing the cost so I wasn’t swayed by the reassuringly high price tag.

I used to have eye bags and dark circles but I use this every morning before my make-up and after just a few weeks the bags had gone. It's light reflective which brightens the eye area and even though I am massively sleep deprived, everyone tells me I look well, that’s priceless."

Beauty miracles can happen (BND always knew that!)- sadly this one costs £90 per bottle. Use it at your own peril, we guarantee you'll be hooked.

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