Plaits 101

By Sophie Gridley 



I learnt to do plaits on my disembodied outsized Barbie (were they known as Girl’s Worlds?) when I was about seven. But the fishtails, scalp plaits and cornrows that are now a catwalk mainstay remain beyond me. Which is why I was pleased (nay, delighted) to hear that the ever creative Headmasters are launching plait masterclasses. In one session, Amy Lawrenson and I learnt a fishtail, a scalp plait that circled my hairline and double French plaits that look just delicious in Amy’s blonde hair. We got a demonstration and then were asked to copy – and it really is easier than you think!






The masterclasses are £45 for 45 minutes and you can book in for your session by calling 020 7408 1000 – or if you’ve home studied and nearly have the knack, steal some tips from Stacey, from the Headmasters Artistic Team.


1. Plaits look best on blondes because there’s more variation of tone in the hair – but brunettes and redheads can try ribbons or accessories to add interest

2. Day-old hair braids best – but if you’re a shampoo addict, spray clean hair throughout with hairspray to give it grip (Try L’Oreal Professionel Air Fix, £8.90)

3. Always ‘pull out’ plaits – put your hairband in a centimetre below the bottom of the plait and tease the plait out with your fingers until it’s loose and chic, not schoolgirl.



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