Get whiter teeth today

By Amy Lawrenson


It’s National Smile Month which means over four weeks dedicated to encouraging us all to take better care of our teeth. Brushing and flossing aside, what most of us would like is whiter teeth. But this is an expensive past time whether you pay for a dentist whitening or spend money on over-the-counter whitening systems that don’t really work.

A fast and effective way to get a brighter smile is with a slick of lippie. Your teeth won’t actually be whiter, but they will look like they are. It’s a handy quick fix, if you feel like your smile isn’t as bright as it could be.


Here is ELLE’s top three teeth-whitening lip products…

California Kissin’ Smile Brightening Lip Shine, £13 by Benefit

This minty lipgloss has a subtle blue sheen which makes teeth appear brighter. Oh and it freshens your breath too.

Butterfly Ball Lipstick, £18 by Lipstick Queen at Space NK

Poppy King aka the Lipstick Queen created these lipsticks which not only make teeth appear whiter thanks to the turquoise shimmer, but also moisturise your lips with aloe vera and vitamins E, C and B.

Lipstick, £14.50 by Clinique at House of Fraser

The clever people at Clinique have designed lipsticks using dental colour guides during clinical testing. The result? Lipsticks that make your teeth appear at least one shade whiter. There are eleven shades to choose from including High Impact Lip Colour spf 15 in Red-y to Wear, Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Pink-A-Boo, Different Lipstick in Raspberry Glace and Long Last Lipstick in Twilight Nude.

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