Love fake tan, hate dry skin? Read this!

By Susannah Edwards


After months of spray tans and numerous fake tan applications my skin isn’t looking its finest. I have some deep brown fake tan marks around my armpits which won’t disappear however much I scrub.  And despite slathering myself in body oil on a daily basis in an attempt to keep dry skin at bay, my skin is patchy, flaky and scaly. Nice.

You see, the active ingredient in fake tan which helps you turn nice and brown is called DHA and these DHAs seriously dehydrate your skin. If like me, you love a weekly dose of fake tan, you’ll probably find your skin is drying out too. So what to do?


Last week I went to meet one of the founders of fake tan brand He-Shi, Shelley McMurray, and picked her brains about my predicament. She gave me a bottle of their Exfoliating Body Wash, £10.50, a daily wash that contains fruit AHAs and tiny microdermabrasion particles to try, and try I did - I’ve been using it for a week now and the results are amazing.

Teamed with a good body moisturiser (nothing beats Cocoa Butter Body Butter, £12.50, by The Body Shop) my skin has been transformed. Those brown armpit patches I mentioned earlier...gone. The scaly strip along my longer. Overall my skin is feeling smoother, silkier and more healthy. So healthy in fact that I’ve booked in for my next spray tan!

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