Pulse-point perfumes. Just roll with it…

By Amy Lawrenson


I have a bit of an OCD streak when it comes to perfume. While I don't like to smell like I'm drowning in the stuff, I like to know that people can always smell a hint of something pretty when I'm in a room. My 100 ml bottles don't carry well, but pulse point phials do. Since I discovered pulse point, roll on perfumes by Augustina last year, I have literally seen these miniature fragrance saviours everywhere. Here are my top picks…


Roxborough Perfume Oil Roller, £24 by Augustina

Rich and spicy this is the ideal fragrance to use on route to after work drinks.

Essence Oil with Roller Ball Applicator in Grapefruit, £21 by Kiehl’s

Super fruity this is a great summer scent, plus it’s rumoured that the smell of grapefruit helps suppress your appetite…anything that helps the quest for a beach body, right?

Pulse Point Perfumes, £14.68 each by Sula

These little gems can be worn alone or blended together to create a whole new fragrance, great for anyone who likes to be different.

Roll-on Perfume Oil in Tiare Coconut, £19.99 by Lucy B Cosmetics

Evokes feelings of summer and holidays, pretty impressive for such a small thing.

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