Fake Tan is back

By Amy Lawrenson

Last year the no tan-tan was popular and only die-hard tanners were still flaunting a desert island look. But this year looks set to be bronze again as shoppers are already stocking up on self tan.


Today Selfridges reported an 80 per cent uptake in sales of fake tan in recent weeks. The store is putting it down to predictions of the hottest summer since 1976 (we’ll believe it when we see it). But we think it’s more likely to be a result of the marginally warmer weather we experienced last week – it's not just tanning brands such as Fake Bake, Xen-Tan, Shiseido and St Tropez that are being snapped up, body scrubs by Bliss, Kiehl's and Clarins and electronic hair removing gadgets by No No! are flying off the shelves, too.

Whatever the reason, it looks as though it’s definitely time to tan.

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