Mischa Barton does floral. Thumbs up or down?

By Victoria Riedl


The monday morning discussion here at ELLE beauty HQ has been Mischa Barton. Specifically her floral look at yesterdays ‘Make-a-Wish’ event in Santa Monica. The desk is divided.


On the one hand Susannah has given it the thumbs up. “It’s a return to the surfer chick look she does so well. The long blonde highlights, glowing skin, pretty make up and bohemian accessories. I love it, it’s cute.”

Georgia on the other hand is a tad confused. “At first glance, I think, hmmm. It’s weird. She looks like she wants to be Courtney Love or Daisy Chainsaw (the 90’s grunge style icon), but its way too clean cut. I mean it’s very Woodland Nymph meets Midsummer Nights Dream, but with skinny jeans and biker boots? I am just not sure.”

As for me, I think she looks very pretty. The pink lips, sparkling eyes and peach pearls and posies all make me dream of summer garden parties, the ‘Wedding March’ ringing in my ears. And there lies the problem. It’s like she’s drifted into a bridal store whilst out shopping, tried a hair garland on, and then left forgetting to take it off.

Flowers are a HUGE trend for spring/summer and nothing could be prettier than some floral accessories in the hair, but is this the way to do it?  What do you think?

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