The new sexy...

By Georgia Collins


You come to Milan expecting big bouncy blow dries, especially at Blumarine. This season, however, with London-born stylist Eugene Souleiman at the hair helm we got something a bit different – and a whole new word to boot – we got 'Glunge'. 'It's got to have that bit of glamour because this is Italy,' he told me backstage, 'but I wanted to make it a bit cooler and a bit grunge; for the hair to look touchable and not saturated with product'. To get the look he prepped the hair with SP Start Up, £9.19, by Wella Professionals to give it body and hold, then tonged random sections with a big curling iron to get a mix of textures. Next, a good head massage to blend it all together (with a 6am start time I think the models enjoyed this bit the most). 'The end result is a bit sexy, a bit beachy and a bit destroyed,' said Eugene. A bit gorgeous is what I say.

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