Victoria Beckham voted most iconic hairstyle of the noughties

By Amy Lawrenson

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The singer-turned-designer's frenzy-inducing 'Pob' haircut has been voted most iconic hairstyle of the last decade in a new survey by Head&Shoulders. The biggest surprise? A massive 83% of you would like to see the style come back into fashion.

The 'Pob' was masterminded by New York-based hair stylist Garren in 2007, the man also responsible for the pixie crop that replaced it a year later. I was one of those people who rushed to the hairdressers longing for a Posh-esque Pob. It was, by far, the easiest hairstyle I've ever had to look after and one of my favourites, too.

Along with Victoria, Gossip Girl Blake Lively and Cat Deeley both have hair we'd like to copy, according to the poll.

So if the Pob was the noughties' style of choice, what do you think will be the cut for the teenies? Predictions in the comment box below, please.

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