Fitness Blogger Lifts The Lid On 'Hot Dog Legs'

Imre Çeçen is refreshingly honest about those skinny thighs you see in holiday snaps


The hot dog/leg craze swept the world in flurry of hilarity.

Just needs some bread buns for these frankfurters 🌭🌭🌭😂😂 #hotdogsorlegs#vitaminsea

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Those poolside shots of slim sticks of meat sticking up into a horizon of blue or a sea of sand brought a much-needed slice of levity to the seriously eye-roll worthy social media setups.

And as much as it made us lol, the trend of little legs jutting out into the frame stayed and with it the standard of impossibly slim limbs.

Now one fitness blogger is attempting to lift the lid on the unrealistic beauty standard.

Imre Çeçen uses her Vlog, Blog and Instagram to share her positive methods of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

FROM SKINNY TO CONFIDENT! If you'd told that girl on the left that she would gain 6 kgs she would have been devastated💔 "6kgs?!? Won't that turn me into a fat monster?"😫 Yet here I am 6kgs heavier but also more confident than ever!🙆🏻 💁🏻 . I've been getting lots of questions about losing weight and I'm more than happy to help! That's why I'm working on a youtube series!🎥 Cause no I can't tell you all you need to know in 1 short message. It's very very important that you understand what you're doing! 🤓 . Nowadays it seems like almost every "fitgirl" has had some sort of eating disorder. Sadly lots of us go to extremes to then realise how unhappy and insecure we still are😞 Cause no, changing your body isn't suddenly going to make you love yourself! Reaching your goal body isn't the answer to all your problems!🙅🏻 . As long as you're unhappy with yourself you'll always find something that isn't "good enough". You'll keep on knocking yourself down over and over again. It's so sad how we seem to be our own worst enemies😔 . So yes I'll help you reach your goals but you should know that the journey is not only about physical progress!🙅🏻 It's the change that comes from within that matters the most! . Look at that girl on the left. She'd lost about 13kgs was almost a size 0, reached her "goals" but she looks so unhappy and insecure. 😔 . I had to become even skinnier and ate less and less. Then I stared binge eating and I'd eat thousands of calories in under and hour🍩🍕🍔 The next day I would make up by barely eating. That's not what you want right? ? . That's why I find it important that you understand the basics of what you're doing. Cause if you do you can easily eat chocolate & reach your goals at the same time🍫🙆🏻 You don't need magic pills to reach your goals, you don't need to ban all your favourite foods🙅🏻 You just need a basic understanding and most importantly: you need to be kind to yourself!❤ . Love yourself for you are already beautiful! A size more or less won't change that much. A happy mind will make you shine brighter than ever before! Don't weight till you reach your "goalbody" to shine🙅🏻SHINE THAT LIGHT!! SHINE IT NOW!!✨✨ #gainingweightiscool #pizzaiscooler

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She's a big advocate of the balance of mental and physical strength, often sharing photos of herself at heavier and lighter weights explaining how she wasn't happy in herself then because she was either binging with food, or eating too little.

‼️IMPORTANT MESSAGE‼️My Natural shape vs photoshop😅 But guess what, also my natural shape vs someone else's natural shape!!! . This whole "look what photoshop can do" hype is great but we actually have to keep it real too. Yes more real than just showing our OWN natural shape vs photoshop. I posted about the subject a month ago but I'm just gonna harrass you with it again cause I find it so important💁🏻 . See this is MY natural shape. Nothing wrong with it but I don't have that ⏳shape. HOWEVER, there are women who do! Just because someone's body is different than yours doesn't mean they had plastic surgery or it's photoshopped🙅🏻 . It's sad that people are claiming that all bodies you think are "goals" are fake or photoshopped cause that's not the truth🙅🏻 There are women out there with hourglass figures, there are women which have completely transformed their bodies🏋🏻‍♀️👊🏼 . Imagine a woman being insecure about her natural⏳ shape who keeps getting comments saying: stop photoshopping your pics, it looks ugly af. Or a woman who put years of hard work into her body getting comments it's "fake"🏋🏻‍♀️ That hurts doesn't it?💔 . I'm posting this cause I want you to realise there are all kinds of bodies and they're all equally beautiful! Yes you can lose weight or grow a booty but that doesn't make you beautiful🙅🏻 It just changes you, the beauty was already there! It's okay to have physical goals but always rember that you are beautiful no matter what! The most beautiful women are happy women!✨ . It's important to know that photoshop is present but that doesn't mean everything is suddenly fake. Also I know you mean well but I don't need to hear that I don't need photoshop cause my own body looks "better" than the curvy one. They are just different body types and they're both beautiful! So is the shape with a little "less curves" than I have! ALL BEAUTIFUL! ❤❤ . Curvy isn't better than skinny & skinny isn't better than curvy🙅🏻 They're different, that's it! STOP COMPARING YOUR BODY TO OTHERS! I was born with this body and I'm proud of it. Now go be proud of your body!❤ Raise your hand if you think all bodies are beautiful!🙋🏻 #imreswarriors

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Like many bloggers she points out how posing, lighting and even photoshop is used by bloggers to make themselves look better. Essentially saying what we've known all along: these pictures are not realistic.

💡THE DIFFERENCE LIGHTING CAN MAKE!💡Do you ever feel pretty happy with your body one moment, but then you see yourself in different lighting and suddenly those happy feelings fade away and insecurity hits you?😔 NOT NECESSARY AT ALL!🙅🏻 . Let me tell you one thing; it's 100% normal that your body looks different when the lighting changes. It happens to all of us since we simply can't bring that "perfect" lighting around with us. The reason why it seems like all "insta models" do look "amazing" all the time is just cause they only post pictures with lighting that they like🤷🏻‍♀️ . I like my body equally in these pictures, simply cause both are my body and both are beautiful💕 Ok except for the fact that my eyes make me look like a demon on the left😅 It's probably cause I'd died from flexing too hard😂 . I used to get upset if my abs didn't show in pics but now I know it's just simple physics. In the left picture there's an artificial light shining so bright that most shades dissapear💡 on the right there's only natural light leaving room for shades which give that definition💁🏻 . Whether or not your definition will show is all about the brightness and angle of the light source!!!💡☀️ . Know that your body is beautiful in all lights, all shapes, all colors and just all everything! Own your body for it's the only one you'll ever have!❤ . Oh and for the caption obviouses; yes these are different pictures but they were taken at the same time of the day. I'm flexing in both and my pose is the same. As far as it's possible to stand exactly the same way though😅 Sadly I don't have an assistant so I really did have to move myself to turn on that light💡 🤷🏻‍♀️ . Anyway, to all my lovely girls who think they need to be perfect all the time; YOU ALREADY ARE! Abs or no abs, big butt or small butt, tiny or tall, you are beautiful!❤ You don't need that perfect lighting🙅🏻 GO SHINE YOUR OWN LIGHT!✨💕 WHO'S READY TO SHINE??🙋🏻🙋🏼🙋🏽 TAG YOUR SHINE BUDDY!👯

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One of her most popular posts, however, has been of her pointing out the ridiculousness of those 'hot dog legs'.



At the beginning of June she posted a side-by-side snap of herself lounging poolside, on the left tensing and balancing to get those 'ideal' frankfurter thighs, and on the right sitting like a normal human being who doesn't want to fall in the pool.

Look what I found whilst packing👀 I was honestly kinda shocked when I put these shorts on and saw how loose they fit now. I don't look back at my life thinking there was a time I was "ugly" or "fat". I do however acknowledge that there was a time I was extremely insecure and unhappy😔 . . Both of these girls are beautiful yet only one of these girls knows that😔 I might be smiling on that left pic but I remember damn well how broken I felt. I felt unworthy of anything and that had nothing to do with those extra pounds on my body🙅🏻 . . If you have a low self-esteem just changing your body won't make you feel better at all🙅🏻 The problem isn't in your body, it's in your mind. Your true friends won't like you any less if you carry around a bit more fat. You yourself are the one who "creates" the problem. 😞 . . If you reach your goalbody but don't change your mind you won't suddenly love yourself. You'll find something else to bring yourself down. Your quirky laugh, strange sense of humor or maybe you'll just feel unworthy in general. . 💕 We think we can find the answers in a lower weight or smaller clothing size but trust me: you won't. Cause guess what? I also have an entire pile of shorts that don't fit me anymore cause they are too small. In between these pics was a period in which I was much skinnier yet also unhappy. I got called "goals" but I didn't feel like that at all. I started working on my mind, on myself and slowly I began trusting myself and my abilities. . . Yes I still struggle from time to time but that's only human. No matter where you are in your journey please always remember; a smaller size does not necessarily equal more happiness. . Find happiness in the small things in life but most importantly: in yourself! You got this and I know it! 👊🏼❤ . Whilst writing this caption I realised I have a post on my blog which is all about this subject. Direct link is in my bio!😘 Also provides you with a link to my "why being skinny didn't make me happy" post. Just read it in case you need a little reminder that you are already beautiful!!❤ . Ps. Look at how "short" my hair used to be😱 #transformationtuesday #biggeststransformationisthehair😅

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Çeçen points out how ridiculous the fad of these oblong legs are, explaining that having your thighs spread out when you sit down, 'is the most NORMAL thing ever yet us girls seem to be so self conscious about it.'

She even said that getting the first snap nearly gave her a hernia from all the tensing.

Now that doesn't sound like poolside relaxation to us.

Çeçen's upbeat nature is also refreshing. Don't you sometimes feel like you're getting a little preached at with these 'body positivity' posts? She suggests there's nothing wrong with posing to get those poolside hot dog thighs, but there's just other stuff she would rather be doing:

To people who do sit like this in real life; I admire your core strength & willpower! Yep, that's the truth behind poolside hotdog pics. Truth be told I'd much rather sit like that right pic whilst enjoying an actual hotdog What is your fave poolside snack? Kinda wanted to hold a piece of watermelon whilst taking this but it turns out that's only for advanced instagram posing.

‼️DIFFERENT KIND OF "KEEP IT REAL"‼️ I know some people are all done with the "keep it real" pictures so I thought I'd try a new one😅 I find this one kinda hilarious🙈chilling by the pool instagram vs real life👙 . Anyone familiar with the concept of having all "normal" legs when you're standing but as soon as you sit down they transform into huge piles of meat?🍖😂 Why is it that those 2 sticks we use to walk expand to the size of Texas whenever they touch a chair?😅 . This is the most NORMAL thing ever yet us girls seem to be so self conscious about it😔 Hello! Your legs are being pushed against a surface, they are supposed to expand! This doesn't mean you're fat🙅🏻 Even muscle will just look like a huge shapeless pile of meat when there's no flexing involved🍖 If you don't want your legs to expand maybe invest in stone legs!⛰⛏ I'd choose marble ones💁🏻😂 . We've just lost touch with reality because on the internet all we see are those freaking hot dog legs🌭 I am guilty of posting those too! Yet even I wondered on my last vacay why my legs were so "big" when I sat down. 😅 . Thought I'd take a good comparison pic and I'm pretty sure I've got a hernia now😅 Creating that thighgap & skinny legs feel was real hard😵 I had to arch my back like crazy, hold my legs up (serious ab work was involved) and had to sit on the edge of the pool which caused me to almost fall. Both my camera & I would have drowned in the sadness of insta perfection (I would survive the water though, I can swim!🙆🏻) To people who do sit like this in real life; I admire your core strenght & willpower! . Yep, that's the truth behind poolside hotdog pics. Truth be told I'd much rather sit like that right pic whilst enjoying an actual hotdog🌭 What is your fave poolside snack? Kinda wanted to hold a piece of watermelon whilst taking this but it turns out that's only for advanced instagram posing😅 I couldn't hold myself up, flex them abs, hold a watermelon & take pics at the same time😂 Guess I better start practicing for my next vacay!💁🏻 . Ps. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way my legs look in the pic on the right. Just showing you the difference! 🌭 vs 🍖 = both yummy🙆🏻

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Now, who fancies a hot dog?

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