#Monday Move with Anya Lahiri: 14

Lunge Back and Drive

Lunge Back and Drive

This week's #MondayMove is a 'variation of the traditional lunge. It really hits the back of the thighs, the glutes and also engages the abs.  Guaranteed to tone your butt in no time!' says Anya Lahiri, trainer at Barry's Bootcamp. 


Lunge back with your right leg

Try and get your back knee as close to the ground as possible, keeping your abs engaged and your chest up

Keep the weight on your left leg and drive the back knee forward and towards your chest

Try and maintain balance by using your core

Repeat for 30 seconds on the left side and 30 seconds on the right

Anya wears Sweaty Betty Sweat It Out Bra, Barry's Bootcamp leggings, and Nike Air Max 2015.


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