Trial A Trend: The Maxime Simoens Pink Roots

Bright hair, yeah?


Colourful hair is nothing new. But, the placement of the colour for s/s 2015 has moved from the ends of the hair to the roots as spied on the catwalk at the Maxime Simoens show in Paris. I LOVED this look when I first saw it, but would it work in real life?















I recreated the look using label.m Powder Pink Spray, £9.95. After spritzing the roots with a good dose of pink powder I gave it a couple of minutes to dry before brushing the colour down to soften and blend.











It's not quite as neon as the hair at the show, but then my hair isn't as blonde. For such a radical placement of bright pink colour, the team is the office seemed rather non-plussed, they liked it. I was expected shrieks of laughter. This could be more wearable than I first gave it credit for...

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