New Year, New Hair

One ELLE assistant's journey from pink to blonde


My poor, mostly neglected, hair, which previously only received attention when I brushed it (very occasionally), went through it's biggest transformation early last summer when it was stripped of its natural colour, properly, and dyed purple.  Seeing how it was done professionally, and how the temporary colour clung to the peroxide I went on a colour frenzy. I would make concoctions of colour with at-home-dyes from lilac tones, to blue, and pinks washing them into my hair. I became slightly obsessed with how my experiments would turn out, and what I could do next, my hair becoming just as colourful as my summer wardrobe.


But what to do when the summer and festival season is over? I felt that the colour and the chaos of my summer should be washed out in preparation for the serious winter ahead. 


As our beauty team pointed out, ice blonde was the key hair trend for the winter season. Seeing it on a stream of world class supermodels at fashion week was all the convincing I needed, it was the colour to go for.

Ready to take the plunge from colour to white, I went to the highly recommend Taylor Taylor saloon in Notting Hill. My colourist Sam Cusick and I automatically bonded over the cat shoes that she was wearing, and the killer cocktail menu the salon pushed under my nose.

Despite being previously warned about a) how much hair I have (thick, lots of, and very much below the shoulder mark) and b) the colour expectation, she sat me down and examined my hair whilst I sipped on a café parton martini. Sam explained that what I needed was a full head of highlights, making different sections of my hair different shades of ice blonde, so that it wouldn't look dull and to keep it looking healthy and rich. 

5 hours, 187 tinfoils and 3 washes later, I couldn't be happier with the result. Sam had done a exceptional job of getting rid of all the lingering summer colours, talking me through every stage about which tones she was using. The biggest miracle? My hair hadn't snapped (by far my biggest fear). Even after a week, when I made the decision to wash my hair- petrified that my hair, drunk on perioxide would refuse any brush that made the attempt to run through it, actually was a dream to brush thanks to the nourishment treatment by Hippy and the Holistic's Sam had ran through my hair.

Taylor Taylor Notting Hill is located at 309 Portobello Road, and you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter @Taylor_Taylor_London

Molly had:

- Full head of micro fine highlights using an highlift blonde with and ash tone to it.

- Then an ash toned gloss was applied all over the hair to give it that shiney iced blonde finish. 

All colours used were Wella.

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