Olaplex: The Hair-Saving Treatment Making Your Dream Bleached Blonde A Reality

Haven't heard of Olaplex yet? It's hair TLC on a whole other level...


We all know that colouring your hair causes it to become dry and frizzy, but now there's an in-salon treatment that can totally fix this.

It's called Olaplex.

So What Is Olaplex?

Formulated by a team of California-based US Scientists, Olaplex maintains the health of your hair, even after it's been highly processed. We're talking the key to nailing that Chloe Moretz bleached bob without making your hair fall out. YAS.


'Olaplex changes the science in how your hair reacts to the colour process by reconnecting broken bonds. When intact, these bonds give you health glossy hair, but when damaged, they cause the cuticles to lift which leads to frizzy hair,' says Zoe Adams, style director at Taylor Taylor London. 'When these bonds are in order, the cuticles sit properly on the shaft.'

Keeping frizzy flyaways at bay isn't the only bonus either.

Because Olaplex gives the hair such strength, you're able to colour it more often and go lighter and brighter without the fear of it snapping off.

We also noticed our hair was softer than it normally is after a treatment, even after we washed it at home with our muggle shampoo and conditioner.

The two-step program only takes 20 minutes in the salon and lasts until your next chemical service, but even better, you can take a 3rd step home to use as a next level hair mask.

How Do You Use Olaplex At Home?

Hairstylist to every blogger ever (Zoella and Tanya Burr included) Samantha Cusick explains:

'Apply Olaplex No3 to damp hair (it's a pre shampoo treatment) and gently brush through with a tangle teezer. Bleached hair is suuuper fragile when it's wet so be careful.

For best results sleep with Olaplex No3 in your hair and wash out in the morning with a moisture rich sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. You'll feel a difference instantly! Do it once a week to keep your hair health on point.'

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