The Succulent-Inspired Hair Trend That's So Weird It Might Actually Be Cool

Winter, spring, summer or fall, this plant-inspired hair will have you green-fingered all year round (and might garner some odd looks from strangers)


As we all know, the upkeep of dyed hair is seriously laborious. Much like trying to keep a plant alive longer than two days.

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And it now looks like the beauty gods are setting us another challenge in our day-to-day lives by inventing succulent-inspired hair.


Yup, you read that correctly.

Hair that is inspired by those fleshy, rubbery little things you find in a pack of three in IKEA that you end up buying in the hope to make your room look über Scandi before accidentally tipping one over and spilling the soil everywhere to then curse the day you ever set sight on the tiny spikey thing.

It's not like I speak from personal experience or anything…


Anyway, while this succulent-inspired hair trend might look bizarre, it's taking social media by storm with beauty aficionados sharing images of fuchsia, turquoise and neon orange ombré-hued hair we can't stop looking at.

Seriously, it's mesmerising.

Look, if you'd told us a year ago we'd be coveting mermaid, unicorn and rose-gold hair we would've laughed in your face but, there's something about these daring hairstyles that has us wanting to reach for the hair dye and look like Poison Ivy for the day.

After all, it's about time we all turn over a new leaf this season.*

*Pats back for own pun*

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