From Diamonds To Designer Dresses - Models Barbara Palvin And Maria Borges Lived Their Best Lives In Cannes 2017

Diamonds, designer dresses and dancing non stop...


What to do when you're two of the hottest models in the world right now , Victoria's Secret angels and L'Orèal's chosen ambassadors? Oh, and you're in Cannes soaking up the sun and hitting the red carpet clad in more diamonds than you can throw Rihanna's Saint Laurent disco boots at? Live your best life, that's what.

We caught up with the women in question, Barbara Palvin and Maria Borges to talk all things fabulous...


You're off to Cannes, what's your go-to 'I feel awesome' look?

Barbara: I think I look great in pretty much everything.. kidding! For the red carpet I like to do really natural eyes and a nice sleek ponytail. Sometimes I'm into a really dark rouge, purple bold lip. My ultimate Cannes moment was the first time I went a couple of years ago. I wore a gold Valentino dress and it just fitted my body really well. Then I wore a ponytail and really bright lipstick, it just felt so me.

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Maria: I would say when I put on a beautiful gown and I just wear it well! Like in Cannes, I wore some beautiful diamonds and a beautiful dress. Then I'm all about the L'Oréal True Matte lipstick in red - always a red or pink, I like bright colors. Oh, and I always make sure I have my mascara with me. I don't wear loads of make-up because I'm lucky enough to have great skin, but I need my lashes.


What about your strongest hair game?

B: I had pink hair for a while which I really liked and today I've got blue and green hair for a shoot which looks awesome but I'm excited to have my natural hair color back finally. After 5 years of constantly changing it, I'm happy it's back to normal!

M: I don't need much on my hair, just oil to keep it simple and healthy. And shiny! That's important. For me it was a really amazing opportunity to be the first black girl walking the Victoria's Secret runway with natural hair, I was really proud to help open that door. Saying that, I'd love to try Anna Wintour's hair style one day - I admire her so much, she's my hair icon!

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How do you stay feeling your most body confident?

B: If I manage to leave my bedroom and get to the gym, that makes me feel good about myself! For me the most difficult part is getting out of bed but once I'm out I really enjoy playing sports.

M: Well firstly, thanks to mum and dad for my genes! I'm not gonna lie, I love food, chicken, rice and salad is my favorite meal ever, but I always eat healthy and exercise. I'm obsessed with yoga and Zumba and do a lot of squats. I have to work out for my job but also it's important for your confidence.

Bahamas 🌴✌🏻️ #swimteam2018

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Tell us your top tip for being an absolute boss on the red carpet…

B: Whenever I go on the red carpet and I'm a bit nervous I just say to myself the mantra, 'Come on Barbara, you gotta get those pictures posted on Instagram!'. That's all I have in my mind, like, 'Look serious now, maybe give a little smile, but a cheeky one' but in the end it's never how it looks. That's why I'm all about the selfie. If you've got good light from a window and white wall, the light will reflect in your eyes and make them look brighter and shinier. Or I just use an ugly filter, the funny ones are my favourite.


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M: Be confident, and be yourself. Don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do, you have to show them that you can do everything. I try not to be intimidated by the camera and just see the photographers as my friends and say, 'Hey!' and work my smile. In a way, I feel comfortable because I'm so used to working in front of cameras.

If Cannes is the ultimate night out, what's your dream night in?

B: After a day in Cannes I pass out before I even get to my bed. I'll get to my room, order room service, shower and sleep. I'm watching the US version of Shameless on Netflix at the moment as well. I mean, the first year it was all new so I was partying every night, but now I'm so old I have to have my eight hours beauty sleep! Even better if it's twelve…


M: I'd be chilling by the beach, checking out the beautiful view, having dinner and some amazing conversation with friends, and just having fun! I love listening to jazz - any music that makes me dance, like Pharrell. I'm always singing, 'Because I'm happy…' - it gives me energy. Next time I've got a day off, you'll find me on a boat dancing to that.

What quote do you live your best life by?

B: The quote I like to focus on is, 'Just be true to yourself'. It's about literally being yourself and trying to be confident and never give up. My dad and my parents inspire me a lot for sure.

M: I have a tattoo on my left arm saying 'Step by step' which is a phrase my mum says all the time to me. And I try to follow it everyday, taking my career slowly and step by step.

If you could live it up in any other era, what would it be?

B: Oh, the 20s for sure! Gatsby time when everything was very beautiful. Or actually the 40s, when pin ups and curvy women were the beauty icons.

M: The 80s! I mean ideally I'd like to mix everything and draw inspiration from everywhere so I'd take a bit from the 70s, a bit from the 80s, something from the 90s. I'd definitely wear a jumpsuit, one pieces are my favourite.

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